Undergraduate Study Programs

In every degree program offered by FTMD ITB, we strive to prepare our students to become future innovators and researchers. We are committed to nurturing your growth in facing the challenges of the world ahead by providing a diverse range of learning experiences to tackle real-world problems. Discover more about FTMD’s comprehensive study programs below!

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Students delve into the latest advancements in mechanical engineering, mastering the art of designing efficient machinery, from technical drawings and modeling to simulation, prototype development, and robot operation.

This program empowers students to design, develop, and test aircraft, drones, and other flying machines, setting global benchmarks for high-end technological progress.

The Materials Engineering discipline explores all facets concerning the structure, properties, and characteristics of materials and their interactions, fostering an in-depth understanding of the field.

Enhance Your Experience

FTMD boasts 140 partner universities across 26 countries, allowing students to engage in semester-long exchange programs.

Students can earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years of study.

This initiative enables students to attain two degrees simultaneously, often from both domestic and international institutions.

FTMD ITB’s curriculum and learning activities are designed to offer the finest educational experiences with a global focus, employing innovative teaching methods that are highly relevant to practical applications.