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Jalan Dago Bandung

1. Taman Hewan

Taman Hewan (roughly translated as ‘Animal Park’) is located exactly behind the Bandung Zoological Garden (Kebun Binatang Bandung). The atmosphere here is quite cool due to the presence of shady trees. Inexpensive flats surrounded with numerous food stalls, laundromat, and photocopy centers can be easily found here. It’s situated only about a five minute walk from campus. There is public transportation called ‘angkot’ with Cicaheum – Ledeng line passes this area for 24 hours a day. But it should be noted that the area has insufficient lighting, so students need to be extra careful walking at night.

2. Dago Asri

Dago Asri Housing Complex is one of the favorite choice for students of middle up class. It provides a pleasant living environment with top facilities such as Wi-Fi connection, cable TV, warm water, and even laundry service. It’s a strategic living area surrounded with eating places and various entertainment attractions in Dago.

3. Cisitu

Cisitu is another favourable option for ITB students as a living place. The area encompasses Cisitu Baru, Cisitu Lama, and Cisitu Indah. It’s relatively near with only a 10 minutes’ walk from the campus. Cisitu also has everything students need, from food stalls, convenience stores, and laundromat, to various entertainment attractions. Please note that angkot in this area is available only up to 9 PM.

4. Pelesiran

Pelesiran area is located in the southern part of ITB and just minutes away from the campus.  The main road is quite narrow so it’s not very recommended for students who brought their own car. Nevertheless it has many inexpensive flats compared to other popular areas (e.g. Cisitu and Tubagus Ismail). Lots of eating places situated on the nearby Jalan Taman Sari are open for 24 hours, a certainly convenient thing for anyone who is often having a midnight crave. Angkot is available for 24 hours a day, making ITB students fond of this area.

5. Tubagus Ismail

Another favourable living area for ITB students is Tubagus Ismail. The flats here were built in a decent housing complex and lanes with diverse types and various ranges of price. There are laundromats, convenience stores, a polyclinic, and of course affordable eating places. The Sadang Serang-Caringin line angkot is passing this area. Tubagus Ismail is also near Pasar Simpang Dago (Simpang Dago Wet Market).

6. Ciumbuleuit

Ciumbuleuit is located in the northern part of Cihampelas. The area offers various types of accommodation for students, ranging from affordable flats which are usually situated on the lanes and narrow streets, to apartments that occupy the main road. The price range is rather higher than the other areas. There are various working spaces and cafés spread out along Ciumbuleuit Street, as well as convenience stores and supermarkets. There is no angkot that travels to ITB campus from this area so it’s suitable for students who prefer to drive or use online transportations.

7. Dago Pojok

Dago Pojok is located in the northern part of Dago area. Not many hangout places available here, but Dago Pojok offers various inexpensive flats with lower range of rent price compared to the other areas. There is a convenience store on the outer part of the street near Jalan Dago. There are several high schools nearby such as 35 Junior High School and 19 Senior High School so it can be pretty crowded at certain times.

8. Sangkuriang

Sangkuriang is located near the northern part of ITB next to the Cisitu Lama area. Compared to Cisitu Lama, Sangkuriang has a wide and less-crowded street with many shady trees. Available accommodation types varied from apartments to flats and even rent houses. The price range is slightly higher than Cisitu but not as high as Ciumbuleuit. Not many cafes or hangout places are available here, but it has a convenience store and several ATMs. Angkot is not passing this area so students need to drive or use online transportation service to the campus.  

9. Kanayakan

Kanayakan area, which consists of Kanayakan Baru and Kanayakan Lama, is another option for students’ accommodation albeit rather far from the campus. Kanayakan Baru can be accessed directly from Jalan Dago but the street is narrower than Kanayakan Lama. The area is also pretty hilly with no angkot available, so it might be difficult for students who prefer walking or taking angkot. However, Kanayakan has a decent environment with flats priced from 950.000 – 1.800.000 rupiahs and a number of convenience stores for daily needs. 

10. St. Borromeus Hospital Area

Situated in the eastern part of the campus, Borromeus Hospital area offers various flats with middle-up range price, slightly higher than Sangkuriang. Other than the hospital, there are also many offices nearby so there are numerous café, working spaces, and affordable eating places. It is also well known as a living area for students of Padjadjaran University Dipatiukur campus.

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11. Kebon Bibit

Kebon Bibit is another area situated in the southern part of ITB. The area lies not far from Jalan Layang Pasopati, pretty close to Annex Building ITB (ITB administrative building). There are flats and sharing rent houses with affordable prices just like the Pelesiran area. Kebon Bibit is loved due to its closeness to a traditional market and a popular department store called Balubur Town Square (often abbreviated as Baltos).

ITB Dormitories

1. Kidang Pananjung Dormitory

Kidang Pananjung is one of the ITB dormitories provided particularly for male freshmen. It is located in Jalan Cisitu Lama VIII number 12. The dorm consists of six buildings, one building functioned as a main hall while the other five are flats with a capacity of 2-3 students for each bedroom. Every bedroom is already equipped with a desk, bed, bookshelf, wardrobe, shoe rack, and drying clothes rack. Kidang Pananjung facilities include a parking lot, living room with TV, multi-purpose field, prayer room, shared bathroom, table for table tennis, garden, and a meeting hall.

2. Kanayakan Dormitory

Kanayakan Dormitory is provided for ITB female freshmen and located in Jalan Kanayakan Baru number 43. Each bedroom has 2-3 student capacities and similar basic furnishing as Kidung Pananjung Dorm. The other facilities include security guard post, parking lot, library, main hall, kitchen, shared bathroom and toilet, table tennis, and a garden.

3. Sangkuriang Dormitory 

Sangkuriang Dormitory is located in Jalan Sangkuriang Dalam number 55 and was built for ITB students. It has four buildings, with A and C buildings made for female students and B and D buildings for male students. The bedrooms can be occupied up to 2-3 students and equipped with basic furnishings as well as bathroom, toilet, and a small kitchen. The facilities include a parking lot, living room, multipurpose field, table for tennis table, and a garden.

4. International Dormitory

As the name states, it is a dormitory for ITB international students. It is located in Jalan Cisitu Lama number 27. The bedroom capacity is 2 students and furnished with basic furnitures such as desk, bed, and wardrobe. There is also a parking lot for cars and motorbikes. 

For more info about dormitories please visit asrama.itb.ac.id

Off-Campus Support Facility

1. Working Space and Café

Outside the campus, there are also several decent places to study, gather, have a discussion, or merely take a breath from tight schedules. Usually it’s a cozy space accommodated with free Wi-Fi, AC, meeting room, smoking or smoking-free area, TV, music, and many more. Hangout spots such as Upnormal in Sumur Bandung and Dipatiukur, McDonald’s in Simpang Dago, and Coffee Toffee in Jalan Siliwangi number 14 are some of them. Unfortunately, not all café or eating places are open for 24 hours, hence some students opt for a particular co-working or study space which provides a more comfortable environment and, of course, open for 24 hours. For example, there are Eduplex in Jalan Ir. H. Juanda number 84 and Sans Co. in Jalan Ir. H. Juanda number 347. Other than that, there are various places for such activities as shown on the pictures below.

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2. Sport 

Many FMAE students also enjoy doing workouts in their spare time. ITB Ganesha campus provides Saraga ITB, a comprehensive sports facility which consists of running track, swimming pools, fitness center, soccer field, futsal field, basketball field, tennis field, and volleyball field. There is also Pasaga, a sports facility of Parahyangan University located in Jalan Cisitu Indah VI, Dago. It has fields for basketball, futsal, and volleyball.

3. Open Space

With the tight and hectic schedule, students need to make the most out of their free time, either for hanging out with friends or just refreshing their mind. No need to worry because there are plenty of cozy outdoor hangout place in Bandung, especially in Dago area and around ITB. Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, Lebak Siliwangi, and many other eco-friendly open spaces are available for recreational purposes.