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About FMAE

The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering shall be an institution of higher education and center of development for mechanical, aerospace and materials science and engineering, continuously striving for excellence, reliability, and respectability, and actively contributing to the nation’s development and prosperity.

The mission of the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is:

  1. Keeping up-to-date on the very latest knowledge and technology related to mechanical, aerospace and materials engineering through research and development activities
  2. Conducting higher and continuing education activities in mechanical, aerospace and materials engineering fields
  3. Disseminate knowledge, technology and industrial views to society both through its graduates, partnerships with industries or other institutions as well as services to society

The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was established in 2008. The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering receives “Excellent” (Unggul) accreditation from BAN PT as well as ASIIN international accreditation from Germany. The faculty has undergraduate and postgraduate (master and doctor) study programs on the fields of:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Aerospace Engineering
  3. Material Engineering

History of FMAE ITB

The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of ITB was officially established in 2008. However, its history can be traced back from the mid-20th century, precisely in 1941.

Technische Hogeschool Bandoeng Period (1941-1945)

In this period, the science and technology institute in Bandung which is currently known as Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia: Institut Teknologi Bandung, abbreviated as ITB) was formerly named Technische Hogeschool (TH) Bandoeng under the The Dutch East Indies government. 1941 marked the opening of the Mechanical Engineering Program in TH Bandoeng. The program later separated into a department called the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The Development of Programs (1959-2000)

21 years after the establishment of the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Aeronautical Engineering sub-program was opened as one of the study options in the department. The Production and Metallurgy Research Group was later formed in the department in 1971.

Two years later, the Faculty of Industrial Technology was founded as home for the Mechanical Engineering and other 5 departments: Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering, and Informatics Engineering.

20 years later, the rapid growth of the aviation industry at that time has led to the alteration of Aeronautical Engineering sub-program into a full program, excluded from Mechanical Engineering at the end of 1992. With the newly attached status, Aeronautical Engineering is authorized to hold student admissions independently (entirely separated from Mechanical Engineering Program). Furthermore, the Material Engineering Program was opened in 1993, only one year apart since the establishment of Material Science and Engineering Master’s Degree Program. In 1997, the Aeronautical Engineering Program was officially opened as a separate department.

Faculty Development and International Program Establishment (2000-now)

Up until 2006, the three programs: Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, and Material Engineering, which is currently under FMAE, was still affiliated with the Faculty of Industrial Technology. Hereafter, the Faculty of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering was officially established as an independent faculty in 2008, encompassing the three mentioned programs above.

Not long after, the students of Fast-Track Program, which allowed students to obtain bachelor and master degrees only in a five years period of study, successfully graduated in 2009. Around a decade after the faculty establishment, in 2016 international classes were officially opened for Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering bachelor degree programs. The number of international class students are increasing over time, coming from a diverse range of backgrounds.

In 2017, the Aeronautical Engineering program was later renamed into Aerospace Engineering, after being called Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering temporarily in 2008. The program currently uses ‘AE’ as a course code symbol which is an abbreviation for its name, Aerospace Engineering, a commonly used name throughout the world.

Timeline of FMAE

Although established on 2008, the programs under The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has a long history back to 1941.


The Mechanical Engineering Program was established in Technische Hoogeschool (TH) Bandoeng. Further development changed the Mechanical Engineering Program to Mechanical Engineering Department.


Development of Subprogram and Program in Faculties.

The Aerospace Engineering courses was opened as a subprogram in Mechanical Engineering Department.


The Faculty of Industrial Technology was inaugurated.


The Production and Metallurgical Research Group opened Production and Metallurgical courses as a subprogram in Mechanical Engineering Department.


The Aerospace Engineering program established as the booming of the national aviation industry in this period.


Undergraduate Program of Material Engineering was established.


Expansion of Faculties and Schools, Internationalization.

Mechanical Engineering, Material Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Informatics Engineering and Industrial Engineering Programs were still under The Faculty of Industrial Technology (FIT).


The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Faculty was established with 3 programs which are Mechanical Engineering Programs, Aeronautics and Astronautics Program, and Material Engineering Program.


The first graduates of Fast-Track (bachelor to master) program in FMAE.


The first batch of the undergraduate International Class in FMAE.