The following links connect to the websites and information systems for FMAE ITB employees.

General Links

  1. Online Lecture System ITB
  2. Research Program Management System ITB,
  3. SIA: Academic Information System – FMAE ITB,
  4. SIPAKAR: Research Article Management System– FMAE ITB,
  5. SIOLA: Laboratorium Information Management System – FMAE ITB,
  6. SIPELAJAR: Room Information Management System – FMAE ITB,
  7. Online Experiment Registration System – FMAE ITB,
  8. Assistant Activity Information Management System – FMAE ITB,
  9. SISIULAR: Outgoing Mail Numbering Information System – FMAE ITB,
  10. Mail Tracking System– FMAE ITB.

Links for Lecturers and Staffs at FMAE ITB

  1. SIPINTAR: Final Assignment Management System– FMAE ITB
  2. Edusys: Staff Data Management System – FMAE ITB,
  3. Integrated Remuneration System ITB,
  4. Lecturer Work Load Information System ITB,
  5. Employee Data Management System ITB,
  6. Employee Attendance Information System ITB.