The Fast-track Program (Program Integrasi Sarjana Magister/PISM) at ITB has been implemented in FTMD since the academic year 2004/2005. This program facilitates undergraduate students in completing their master’s degree within five years. The program has been established in three study programs within FTMD: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Material Engineering.

Students who complete their fourth year of the undergraduate program with master’s-level courses can seamlessly transition to the master’s program immediately after graduating from the bachelor’s program. It means they spend a total of five years to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The Bachelor ‘s-Master’s Integration Program (PISM) is also available for students from related but distinct undergraduate programs and those from different clusters who wish to pursue a master’s degree at FTMD.

For undergraduate students interested in joining the Fast-track program, it is advisable to communicate with their Academic Advisor and potential Bachelor’s Thesis Supervisor toward the end of their third year. This allows for an evaluation by both the Academic Advisor and the prospective Bachelor’s Thesis Supervisor before the student embarks on the Fast-track or PISM program. Further information can be obtained from the respective Bachelor’s and Master’s Program Study Chairs. The design of the Bachelor’s Thesis to the Master’s Thesis is intended to maintain continuity in research, ensuring that the research conducted for the Thesis is an extension of the Bachelor’s Thesis.

Additionally, if, nearing the completion of the bachelor’s program, a student is no longer interested in pursuing PISM, the master’s program courses they have already taken can be included in the final undergraduate transcript as elective courses.

The Integration Plan of FTMD

The PISM [Fast-Track] program essentially offers convenience to undergraduate students looking to pursue their master's degree. There are several benefits to choosing this program. Not only does it save you time in your academic journey, but it also reduces the financial burden of education. PISM students almost certainly qualify for the GTA 100 scholarship, which means their tuition fees are 100% covered, and they receive a monthly stipend. Moreover, fast-track students have a greater opportunity to interact closely with professors, as PISM students are often involved in specific projects or serve as teaching assistants. While the program offers numerous advantages, it does require students to be adept at time management, possess mental resilience, and demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility. I am incredibly grateful for my experience in the PISM [Fast-Track] program, as it has opened up new horizons for my academic and professional journey.

Farid Maulana Latief

Success stories of Fast-track program alumni