Fast-Track Program in FMAE


The Fast-track program at FMAE was first implemented for undergraduate students who entered the 2004/2005 academic year. This program basically makes it easy for undergraduate students who wish to continue to the master’s level. Within FTMD itself, the fast-track program has been carried out in the three study programs, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Materials Engineering.


As explained in the undergraduate program section, basically in the second-third year, students can take more than 18 credits of courses. One of the general requirements is having a good GPA (GPA). Thus, for some students, the fourth year of an undergraduate program may have a course load of less than 36 credits. This is an advantage if the students would like to take the Fast-track program. Students can take several compulsory and elective courses from the master program in the fourth year of their undergraduate program.


If a student has filled the fourth year of his undergraduate program with several courses from the master program, it is expected that after graduating from the undergraduate program, students can proceed directly to the master program for one year. So that the total time for students to carry out undergraduate and master programs is five years.


For undergraduate students who have an interest in joining the Fast-track program, it is recommended to communicate with the Lecturer Guardian (Dosen Wali) and prospective supervisors for the Undergraduate Final Project at the end of the third year. Thus, both the Guardian Lecturers and also prospective Undergraduate Final Project supervisors can conduct an evaluation before students start the fast-track program and can further inform the Head of the Undergraduate & Master Study Programs. Students in Fast-track program will need to consider the continuity in the research aspect, so that the research carried out for the Thesis is a continuation of the Undergraduate Final Project.


Meanwhile, if before the graduation of the undergraduate program, students are no longer interested in continuing the Fast-track program, the master program courses that have been taken can be included in the undergraduate final transcript as elective courses. Another advantage of the Fast-track program is the tuition fee vouchers for one year’s master program study. Therefore, if the students continue to the master program, study fees will be free for one year.