FMAE Graduates Careers and Employability

There are wide chances of career building for FMAE graduates in government agencies, state-owned enterprises (BUMN), private companies, academic and research fields, and even building their own business as an entrepreneur.

The following bar chart is an employment status statistics data of FMAE graduates since 2012 collected by ITB Career Center. Around 70% of the graduates are working, and the relatedness rate of their major and the job is 70% for Mechanical Engineering graduates, 68% for Aerospace Engineering graduates, and 52% for Material Engineering graduates, while the rest are working in other engineering fields or administration/management/finance fields.

We apply ITB principles in preparing adaptable and independent graduates who can keep up with the fast-changing times instead of merely ready-to-be-hired individuals. That’s why the ITB graduates possess high flexibility in adapting within a professional environment which is heavily influenced by technological development and global dynamics. Therefore, job opportunities in various fields are widely available for our graduates.

The specific sectors of job opportunities available for FMAE graduates are:

  • Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering study is applicable in wide sectors of mechanical process and equipment, for example:


Design, manufacture, quality control, and other processes within the automotive industry (motorbikes, cars, trucks, even heavy transport vehicles).


Essential goods factory (e.g. medicine, foods, clothes), machine factory, automotive factory, etc.

Operation and Maintenance

Mechanical maintenance for low cost operation, engine failure repair, and productivity enhancement for maximizing profits.

Power Plant

Power plant machine components such as turbine, pump, compressor, hydraulics equipment, boiler, fan/blower, controller equipment, and electrical grids.

Oil and Gas

Drilling process as well as production equipment operation and maintenance.

  • Aerospace Engineering

A specific dedication of aerospace engineering graduates is required in two particular job sectors:

Aerospace Industry

  • Manufacture industry (PT. DI), 
  • Avionics/optronics components (LEN, PT. INTI), hydraulics/ landing-gear components, other standard components. 
  • Maintenance service (ACS-PT.DI, GMF-AeroAsia, INDO-PELITA, MMF, Koharmat-AU), airline/air charter service (PT. GIA, PT. MNA), and satellite telecommunication service (Satelindo, PSN, Telkom, Kohanudnas) 

Aviation Institution

  • Research institution (Puspiptek/BPPT, Dislitbang AU, LAPAN)
  • Education/training institution (ITB, AAU, Sekbang-AU,etc)
  • Government institution (Ministry of Transportation)

Aerospace engineering graduates also hired around the globe, the sectors are for example:

Aircraft manufacture industries such as Embraer (Brazil), Boeing (USA), de Havilland (Canada), and Airbus (Europe).

Flight industries such as Cathay Pacific and Air Asia

Research/education institutions such as NLR (Netherlands and NTU (Singapore).

  • Material Engineering

Material engineering graduates are highly appreciated in the following sectors: 

Manufacture Industry

Numerous industries related to materials in the production process, product development, quality control, and equipment maintenance.

Energy and Mineral Resources

Engineer of welding, inspection, and production equipment maintenance.


Lecturer in higher educational institution, industry skills training institution, etc.

Our graduates are easily connected to numerous businesses and industries fully supported by ITB Career Center. ITB Career Center is a career counseling office that actively delivers recruitment events, career counseling sessions, job fairs, and other career services. The office also provides a comprehensive directory of ITB graduates’ careers. 

Here are some of the companies that hired our graduates:

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