The following links connect to the websites and information systems for FMAE ITB employees.

General Links

  1. Online Lecture System ITB
  2. Research Program Management System ITB,
  3. SIAAcademic Information System – FMAE ITB,
  4. SIPAKARResearch Article Management System– FMAE ITB,
  5. SIOLALaboratorium Information Management System – FMAE ITB,
  6. SIPELAJARRoom Information Management System – FMAE ITB,
  7. Online Experiment Registration System – FMAE ITB,
  8. Assistant Activity Information Management System – FMAE ITB,
  9. SISIULAROutgoing Mail Numbering Information System – FMAE ITB,
  10. Mail Tracking System– FMAE ITB.

Links for Students at FMAE ITB

  1. SIPINTAR: Final Assignment Management System– FMAE ITB
  2. Work Practice Activity Management System – FMAE ITB,
  3. Industrial Internship Management System – FMAE ITB.