“Take this opportunity to study and research at the postgraduate study programs in Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) ITB, and find exciting new things in engineering.”

Rachman Setiawan, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Post-Graduate Program FMAE

Post-Graduate in FMAE

Postgraduate in FMAE consists of the master and the doctoral programs. All programs are accredited A by BAN PT (national accreditation board of Indonesia) and have obtained ASIIN / EUR-ACE, for the master degree programs of Mechanical, Aerospace and Material Science and Engineering. As per August 21, 2022, Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering receives national accreditation “Unggul” (Excellent), the highest rating in National accreditation by LAM Teknik.

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In this page, important information regarding postgraduate programs, both for existing and prospective students.

1. Announcement

  • The 3rd ITB Graduate School Conference (i-GSC) is back!
    Be ready to present your research work!

    ITB Graduate School (@graduateschoolitb) and Institute for Research and Community Service (@lppm_itb) proudly present the 3rd ITB Graduate School Conference (i-GSC) in December, 21st 2022 for Graduate Students in ITB and other universities as media for scientific publication of their thesis and dissertation results.

    Register and submit your paper through https://gcs.itb.ac.id/paperhub/ within the period of 1-30 November 2022!

    For more information, please visit https://gcs.itb.ac.id/3rd-igsc-2022/ or give us DM our IG account igscitb.

  • The High Performance Computer (HPC) facility is now available to be used by lecturers, students or academic assistants of Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for high-demand computing purposes.To be able to use the HPC facility, there are certain procedures to be noticed as follows.
    1. Fill out the Form as shown in here and email to hpc@ftmd.itb.ac.id
    2. The admin of the HPC will then reply and provide you with your username and password
    3. The account will be cleaned up by the Admin if it exceeds the written usage schedule time.
      For a more detailed Standard Operating Procedure please refer to this document. Also, for more detail of the HPC facility please visit HPC FMAE website. For specific questions and further inquiry please email to hpc@ftmd.itb.ac.id
    • Study and research in railway engineering in KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Please contact the postgraduate study programs if you are interested.
    • Outbond Semester Exchange (OSE ITB): Outbound Semester Exchange program for ITB students who wish to spend 1 semester at one of the partner universities of ITB. (application link)

2. Program and Curriculum

  • For Master degree programs, prospective students can choose from the following options:
Master Program Option Option Description
Mechanical Engineering Design, Dynamics, and Control This branch of mechanical engineering field focuses on the design and innovation of mechanical system with a concern in structures, dyamics, vibration and its control system. The competencies are applied to various industrial fields such as: oil and gas, process, energy, transportation (ground and railway), sports, and medical sciences.
Sustainable Energy Engineering In this Option, students will learn more about energy engineering process that prioritizes sustainable aspects. Students will focus on studying the energy generation process that relies on new and renewable energy sources, and engineering techniques to improve efficiency in existing systems.
Production Engineering and Automation In this option, students will concentrate on automation processes and production system engineering which are oriented towards continuous improvement of product quality following the times.
Aerospace Engineering Flight Mechanics In Flight mechanics option, the aspects of physical phenomena and the control of flying vehicles are learned, applied to complex aerospace systems with the objective of producing high performance safe air and space vehicles.
Aerodynamics and Propulsion Aerodynamics and Propulsion option focuses on aerodynamic science, propulsion/prime mover and its control systems, that is not only applicable to air and space vehicles, but also aerodynamic analysis and control design of ground vehicles.
Design Aircraft, Operation, and Maintenance Here, comprehensive advanced knowledge is discussed for the objective of improving the safety and efficiency of global air transport and seek to minimize its social impacts (particularly on the environment) through innovations in monitoring, optimization and systems analysis and design of aircrafts and air transport system.
Lightweight Structure Development of science and technology related to structural integrity, material utilization, and advanced manufacturing processes. We carry out the process of design, analysis, modification, and repair of lightweight structures on transportation and industrial equipment supported by developing numerical and experimental methods.
Material Science and Engineering Material Science and Engineering The engineering field in Materials Science and Engineering includes the knowledge from materials science to answer the needs and demands of society for materials. Meanwhile, the science field presents in the form of basic knowledge of materials is an attempt to determine the relationship between material structure and its properties.
  • In order to graduate from the Master degree program in FMAE, students must pass the minimum of 36 credit units, including thesis
  • Doctoral programs in FMAE ITB consist of 4 stages, namely Preparation/Qualification Examination, Proposal Writing and Defence, Research Projects, and Dissertation writing, Defence and Ph.D promotion, with a minimum of 42 credit units
  • Curriculum and Syllabus of all master and doctor programs can be found here

3. Research Topics

  • For Master and doctoral degree program students, the research topics can refer to the research activities of faculty members within the research groups. For more detail information on the research topics, please visit here

4. Information

5. Application Procedure

  • Doctoral Degree Program
    • Prior to application process, prospective students must contact the candidate of supervisors and discuss the preliminary research planning and obtain the letter of confirmation from the candidate of supervisor.
    • Please visit here for reference to current research activities by the faculty members
    • Follow the procedure of application as stated here
  • Master Degree Program
    • Prior to application process, browse and choose between the study program and the options of study as in the Program and Curriculum
    • Please visit here for reference to current research activities by the faculty members
    • Follow the procedure of application as stated here

6. Licensed Doctoral Supervisors
For prospective students in the Doctoral degree program, please contact any licensed supervisor as follows to discuss the most suitable topics for your doctoral degree, prior to registration.

No Supervisor Name Research Group
1 Prof.Dr.Ir. Andi Isra Mahyuddin Mechanical Design
2 Prof.Dr.Ir. Zainal Abidin Mechanical Design
3 Prof.Dr.Ir. I Gusti Nyoman Wiratmaja Mechanical Design
4 Prof.Dr. Ir. Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio Mechanical Design
5 Prof. Dr. Ir. Bagus Budiwantoro Mechanical Design
6 Dr.Ir. Rachman Setiawan Mechanical Design
7 Prof.Dr.Ir. Ari Darmawan Pasek Energy Conversion
8 Prof. Dr.Ir. Priyono Sutikno Energy Conversion
9 Dr.Ir. Toto Hardianto Energy Conversion
10 Prof. Dr. Ir. Prihadi Setyo Darminto Energy Conversion
11 Prof.Dr.Ir. Yatna Yuwana Martawirya Mechanical Production Engineering
12 Prof. Dr. Ir. Husaini Ardy Material Science and Engineering
13 Dr.Ir. Hermawan Judawisastra, M.Eng. Material Science and Engineering
14 Prof.Dr. Hari Muhammad Flight Physics
15 Dr.Ir. Lavi Rizki Zuhal Flight Physics
16 Prof.Dr Ichsan Setya Putra Lightweight Structure
17 Prof. Dr.Ir. Bambang Kismono Hadi Lightweight Structure
18 Prof.Dr.Ir. Tatacipta Dirgantara Lightweight Structure
19 Dr.Ir. Leonardo Gunawan Lightweight Structure

For further inquiries related to prospective supervisor, please contact doctoral program administration staff (Mrs. Laras: laras@ftmd.itb.ac.id)

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