Bandung – On Saturday (22/10/22), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) held the First Open Graduation Session of the ITB Academic Year 2022/2023 for all programs, namely Doctorate, Master’s, and Bachelor’s in the Ganesha Cultural Building (Sabuga). ITB graduated a total of 2,688 graduates from all faculties and schools in ITB. To be more specific, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace (FTMD) graduated 203 graduates with a breakdown of 159 for the Bachelor’s program, 43 for the Master’s program, and 2 for the Doctoral program. 

In the October 2022 graduation, FTMD graduated the youngest Master’s graduate, Sam Maykel at the age of 21 years and 4 months. This is certainly a proud achievement, considering the density of classes at ITB such that the master’s program is usually completed at the age of 22-23 years. 

This feat was achieved by Sam when he decided to follow the fast-track path while pursuing the Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at ITB. The fast-track path gave him the opportunity to continue his studies to the master’s level by just adding one year after he finished his bachelor’s studies. In addition, Sam also completed his education in junior high school one year earlier because he had the opportunity to attend acceleration classes. As a result, these two things became the supporting factors for him to complete his master’s studies faster. 

Sam sees the opportunity to follow the fast-track as a golden opportunity that should not be missed. His academic spirit coupled with the feeling of struggle with classmates who are also following the fast-track, are two major factors for Sam to choose this program. Sam’s tips for fellow students who yearns for an opportunity to take their education to the next level by taking the fast-track program are to strengthen their intention and strive to improve their GPA continuously. 

Sam also revealed that strong mental and physical health is required to undertake the fast-track program. The Master’s Program subjects are squeezed into semesters 7 and 8, making the course load heavier. 

In spite of the demanding academic loads, Sam didn’t let it be a reason to be inactive in other non-academic activities. He regularly works out once a week with his friends and also takes some time to play games with them. This way, he still manages to relax amidst his busy academic schedule. 

As a recipient of the GTA 100 scholarship, Sam made the best contribution to FTMD. He developed a system for the digitalization of FTMD library’s final projects, thesis, and dissertations. Additionally, Sam also had the opportunity to become a practical assistant in one of the courses/modules of the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. 

Sam shares tips for surviving and completing studies at FTMD on time for fellow students. Firstly, it’s important to wisely allocate and manage your time. The workload in the master’s Program is heavier compared to the Bachelor’s Program. Therefore, it’s important to divide your time between completing tasks, studying for exams, and finishing your thesis. Secondly, take some time to rest or refresh. But after taking a break, it’s important to get back to working on important things. Sam also emphasizes the importance of not overworking yourself. It’s crucial to balance your academic and non-academic activities to avoid stress and other undesirable things. 

Sam also gives a message to other fellow students to make the most of their college years by developing themselves as much and as best as possible, both academically and non-academically. It is also important to develop both soft skills and hard skills.