Bandung – Red Container Karting Team (RCKT) ITB joined Eshark Rok Cup Indonesia 2022, a national Go-Kart Championship organized by the Indonesian Motorcycle association (Ikatan Motor Indonesia/IMI). This national Go-kart contains six rounds at Sentul International Karting Circuit (SICK), Bogor. From the first round on 12-13 February 2022 to the last round on 3 – 4 September 2022, RCKT ITB successfully won the championship. The following are the category of the wins having been achieved; 

  1. 2nd place in the ‘Shifter University 2022’ during the 2nd round, 19-20 March 2022  
  2. 1st place in the ‘Shifter University 2022’ during the 3rd round, 29-30 May 2022 
  3. 2nd place in the ‘Shifter University 2022’ during the 4th round, 25-26 June 2022  
  4. 1st place in the ‘Shifter University 2022’ during the 5th round, 6-7 August 2022  
  5. 1st place in the ‘Shifter University 2022’ during the 6th round, 3-4 September 2022  
  6. Shifter University Runner Up 2022   
  7. The third winner of University Champion 2022 (Team Category)  

In 2021, RCKT ITB joined the same national Go-Kart Championship and won 4th place in the ‘Shifter University’ during the 4th round. Shifter University is one of the categories of competition among the universities. RCKT ITB said their achievements need to be highly appreciated because they have not participated in the national Go-Kart Championship since 2016. 

RCKT ITB began to be active when it was initiated by Muhammad Irsyad Albanna (Physical Engineering student 2020), currently a kart in the team. Because Irsyad is highly interested in karting and assisted by his father’s automotive repair shop, all RCKT ITB members prepared everything needed for the championship, from designing the chassis to preparing the engine. 

“In Irsyad’s father’s automotive repair shop, we all started from zero (beginner). It started from not knowing the difference between nut and bolt to knowing and understanding the capabilities of each of us.” Said Brian Primana Agung (Mechanical Engineering student 2019), Chief Mechanic of RCKT ITB. 

In preparation before the competition started, RCKT ITB faced many challenges. The pandemic of COVID-19 made communication between members hard, becoming one of the obstacles during the practice. Since time has passed by and lots of memories have been made, they have built a strong bonding from time to time. Many various obstacles is another challenge for RCKT ITB. For example, an obstacle was found in the kart engine during the 1st round. Then, there was a collision between the karts which made some cracks in the kart section in the other rounds. Because of each member’s good teamwork and skills, all the obstacles were solved well.