In pursuit of ITB’s vision and mission as a university with academic standing on par with international partners, a delegation from the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FTMD) at ITB, under the leadership of Dean Prof. Tatacipta Dirgantara, embarked on a business trip to Vietnam for 5 days (April 11-15, 2023). The FTMD delegation aimed to expand their global academic network to support the creation of graduates who are adaptable and open to broader world changes. 

On April 12, 2023, FTMD made their first time visit to the Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA) with the objective of introducing FTMD to VAA and exploring potential collaborations. This visit was initiated by a VAA doctoral student currently enrolled in FTMD’s program, aiming to establish an academic partnership between FTMD ITB and VAA. 

Introduce FMAE to VAA

During the visit, FTMD extended scholarship offers to VAA students interested in pursuing studies at FTMD. These scholarships included the Ganesha Talent Assistantship (GTA) and the Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship (KNB). FTMD aimed to strengthen the relationship between the two universities through this collaboration and create opportunities for joint research and development efforts. 

Following the visit to VAA, on April 13, 2023, FTMD’s Dean, Prof. Dr. Ir. Tatacipta Dirgantara, was invited as a visiting professor to the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT). Being a visiting professor involves an educational exchange where an external lecturer is invited by HCMUT to deliver lectures or practical sessions to its students.

Mars Lender Challenge

Professor Tata conducted a lecture on “Mechanics of Deformable Solid,” which was usually held online with one session per week. However, on this occasion, he delivered the lecture in person. One of the activities during the visit was assigning the Mars Lander Challenge project to HCMUT students. In this project, students were tasked with constructing a cardboard structure capable of withstanding a load of up to 60 kg. The results were evaluated by Professor Tata. 

Additionally, Professor Tata delivered a lecture on “Future Careers for Aerospace Engineering Students” in front of a group of undergraduate Aerospace Engineering students at HCMUT.

Pemaparan kuliah tentang Future Careers for Aerospace Engineering Students
a lecture on "Future Careers for Aerospace Engineering Students"

In addition to delivering lectures, Professor Tata and his delegation also held meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Transportation at HCMUT, the head of the Aerospace Engineering Study Program, and the instructors of the related courses to explore collaboration opportunities. Various topics were discussed during these meetings, including the GTA scholarship, KNB scholarship, and plans for renewing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between HCMUT and ITB. 

In an effort to expand the academic partnership network, FTMD also presented opportunities for GTA and KNB scholarships to students and faculty members from VAA and HCMUT who wish to pursue further studies at FTMD ITB. Furthermore, FTMD proposed research collaborations between FTMD and both universities. 

Not only that, FTMD also offered the possibility for students from VAA or HCMUT to participate in short courses at FTMD ITB. This initiative provided them with a chance to learn from a different perspective and enhance the quality of their education. 

Beyond formal events, Prof. Tata also met with alumni of the AUN-SEED Program who previously pursued their master’s degree in FTMD ITB. Most of them have now become academics in Vietnam. 

It is expected that this visit will further strengthen the collaboration between FTMD ITB and Vietnamese universities, fostering opportunities for research and development collaborations that will benefit both parties.