The delegation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace (FTMD ITB) from the Indonesian Institute of Technology (ITB) took a long journey to the United States for various purposes. This long journey is a manifestation of ITB’s vision and mission to be a locally relevant and globally respected university. To become a higher education institution with an academic reputation equal to international partners, FTMD ITB feels it is important to expand its academic partner network worldwide to produce graduates who are adaptive and open to changes in the world. This 12-day journey also supports the student mobility program or student exchange program by adding international academic partners. 

Arizona State University

Kunjungan ke Thunderbird School of Global Management

FTMD’s Delegation visit Thunderbird School of Global Management

The first higher education institution to be visited is the Thunderbird School of Global Management located in Arizona, Phoenix. This higher education institution is part of Arizona State University. The visit aims to sign a memorandum of understanding on education cooperation (2/11/2022). The education cooperation to be carried out is a two-way student exchange program for approximately one semester. The FTMD curriculum is designed in such a way that it is very possible for its students to study at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which focuses on business and management. Although Thunderbird and FTMD have different disciplines of knowledge, the cooperation to be carried out in the future can produce graduates with knowledge of both engineering and entrepreneurship. 

Kunjungan ke Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

A visit to Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Next, FTMD visited the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, which is still part of Arizona State University. This higher education institution has engineering studies that are aligned with the study programs offered by FTMD. Therefore, a cooperation exploration was carried out regarding several things. First, of course, about two-way student mobility for approximately one semester. They also explored other potential cooperation such as a double degree program for undergraduate and graduate levels. Where students will study at ITB for three years, then carry out their final project at the Fulton Schools of Engineering. The same applies to fast-track students who want to continue their master’s studies at this higher education institution. On this occasion, the FTMD delegation was also given the opportunity to take a campus tour and see the students’ life there and teaching activities supported by many other complete facilities. The next step that both parties will take is to adjust the curriculum through virtual discussions later. 

Boeing Advanced Research Center

Ketua Dekan FTMD disambut secara langsung oleh Director of BARC

The Dean of FTMD was personally greeted by the Director of BARC.

FTMD also visited the Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle (4/11/22). At this meeting, the FTMD delegation was welcomed directly by the Director of BARC, Professor Santosh Devasia. BARC is a place for industrial research implementation at the University of Washington equipped with affiliated instructors employed by Boeing to work in conjunction with the faculty and students in joint research projects related to the manufacture and assembly of aircraft and space structures. The implementation of this meeting is expected to be the first step in exploring research collaboration. In addition to research collaboration, both parties also plan to jointly hold scientific conference seminars and also exchange students and teachers to independently research the aviation world. 

Grainger College of Engineering, Universitas Illinois

FTMD also visited Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana. In this meeting, the FTMD delegation was welcomed by Rashid Bashir, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (Grainger College of Engineering) at the University of Illinois. Both sides discussed potential collaborations, including student exchange, research collaboration, and double degree programs. The cooperation between FTMD and Grainger Engineering is similar to that between FTMD and Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Exploring Visits Outside the University

Kunjungan ke KBRI Washington DC

FTMD Delegation Visits the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC

In addition to universities, FTMD also visited the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C. (9/11/22). This meeting was welcomed by the Deputy Ambassador, Mr. Ida Bagus Made Bimantara, and the Education Attaché, Mrs. Diah Ayu Maharani. In this meeting, FTMD explained the purpose of the trip to America. The Embassy welcomed the cooperation intention made by FTMD with several universities in the United States and promised to support the process of the collaboration. 

FTMD Delegation Visits National Institute of Aerospace (NIA)

Before ending its last trip, FTMD visited the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). NIA is a NASA research center in Hampton, Virginia. In collaboration with NASA, other government agencies and laboratories, universities, and industry, NIA conducts cutting-edge research and technology development in space exploration, Aerospace, and science. From this visit, FTMD hopes to send students and teachers to collaborate with NIA on research. 

The globally expanded academic partners by FTMD are expected to be utilized to the fullest by the academic community for study and research purposes.