WEBINAR – Machine Learning Applications in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Topic: “Toward Intelligent Design, Analysis, and Optimization in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering”

📆: Friday, 7 October 2022.

⏲️: 14:00 – 16:00 (Online via Zoom)

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Free entrance for everyone! 

Link Registration: https://bit.ly/MLWebFTMD (Link Zoom will be sent by email)

This event is a Pre-Event for R language training for Statistics and Data Science in Engineering held in December 2022.


– Pramudita Satria Palar, Ph.D. ( Flight Physics Research Group FMAE ITB): “How to Accelerate Engineering Design Optimization: A Machine Learning Perspective”,

– Vani Virdyawan, Ph.D. ( Mechanical Production Engineering Research Group FMAE ITB): “Machine Learning for Mechatronics Application in Medicine”,

– Ir. F. Ferryanto, S.T., MT (Mechanical Design Research Group FMAE ITB). “Statistics Application in Biomechanics”.


Yohanes Bimo Dwianto, Ph.D.

Description: Machine learning (ML) dan Artificial Intelligence (AI) has greatly changed human lives. The same goes for Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, which use ML/AI technology to solve many complex problems. ML and AI have assisted in developing aircraft components, biomechanics, and soft robotics. Machine learning (ML) dan Artificial Intelligence (AI) have changed lots in the life of human beings. telah banyak merubah kehidupan umat manusia. Assisted by a “data-driven” framework, ML/AI is a key technology to improve the efficiency and performance of Mechanical Engineering and aerospace products further. FMAE ITB, one of the centers of excellence in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Materials Engineering in Indonesia and worldwide, contributes to the realization of intelligent technology by conducting ML/AI research for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering applications. As a form of dissemination of research conducted by FMAE in the ML/AI field, this webinar will present three speakers from FMAE ITB. They have experience in using and developing ML technology for various advanced applications in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Contact Person: Bimo (08211686184)

Web: www.ftmd.itb.ac.id

Instagram: @ftmd_itb