In a bid to increase public awareness on the importance of air power in national security, the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) held an aerospace public lecture with the theme “Air Power and National Security” on Friday, February 17, 2023. 

The lecture featured renowned an expert in air power and national security, sharing his knowledge and experience on how air power contributes to the defense of a nation. The keynote speaker for the event was The Air Chief Marshal, Chappy Hakim, as the 14th Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Air Force (KASAU) and the Head of the Center for the Study of Air Power Indonesia. 

The Dean of FMAE, Prof. Dr. Ir. Tatacipta Dirgantara, in his opening remarks mentioned the aims of this public lecture was to give a border perspective for the students in FMAE. He added that this public lecture is expected to foster awareness about the importance of the knowledge learned related to the National Interest. 

This lecture was moderated by Dr. Taufiq Mulyanto, ST. From the Aircraft Design, Operation and Maintenance Research Group. 

During the lecture, the Air Chief Marshal, Chappy Hakim, highlighted the strategic importance of air power in national defense and its ability to project military force over long distances. He also emphasized an air power is that air power is the existence of a nation. 

He also raised a number of world-air war histories, such as the battle of Britain, the history of Pearl-Harbour, and the 9/11 attacks.. From the historical illustrations already mentioned, he emphasized the importance of a country to independently build an aviation industry to maintain air sovereignty. 

Held by hybrid, this public lecture was open to FMAE students, and the public was interested in national security issues. The event provided an excellent opportunity for participants to learn about the key role of air power in national security and engage with experts in the field. At the end of the event, Mr. Chappy Hakim shared the book writing by himself with several students who participated during the lecture by asking questions in the question-and-answer session. 

“My ancestors were sailors, my children and grandchildren were aerospace’s” said Mr. Chappy Hakim, closing the public lecture this time.