The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FTMD) at ITB continues to encourage its students to gain learning experiences and global perspectives through various schemes, including student exchange and double-degree programs. One student who has benefited from this initiative is Adam Rushdain Putrayando, a 2020 Mechanical Engineering student participating in the student exchange program under the Asian International Mobility for Students scheme with the partner university, Hiroshima University. 

Learning from the Source 

Adam explained that the well-established collaboration between FTMD ITB and the university sparked his interest in Hiroshima University. After researching through several alumni on LinkedIn, Adam discovered that this program had been running for several years, making the study application process more manageable. During his study period at Hiroshima University from October 2, 2023, to February 2, 2024, Adam took courses such as Advanced Biofuel Engineering, Optimization of Structural and Process Design, Mechanical Engineering Seminar, Study on International Issues and Challenges, Study on Japanese Companies and Social Entrepreneurship, Japanese Culture and Peace, and Japanese Language. Adam’s decision to choose specific courses was based on a combination of engineering studies, such as optimization, which could assist in preparing for his thesis in the following semester, and non-technical classes focusing on the socio-cultural aspects of Japan. He aptly stated, “What better way to learn than from the source?” 

Privileges for FTMD Students Embarking on Study Abroad 

Academically, studying abroad helped Adam practice different learning methods. Professionally, he gained an understanding of Japan’s unique work culture, which is known for dedication and loyalty but also high demands. 

Adam emphasized that one of the most significant advantages for FTMD ITB students is being able to go abroad with their peers. This made the experience of exploring Japan more enjoyable and memorable. 

Advice for Other Students 

Adam provided valuable advice to students interested in participating in student exchange, emphasizing the importance of planning credit hours after completing the TPB phase. Adam’s experience showed that paying attention to the weight of credit hours and courses in the first two semesters could result in a heavy academic load in the final year. For students planning exchanges with various schemes, Adam suggested choosing the exchange program in the eighth semester to avoid delayed graduation. This advice stems from his own experience, where Adam had to catch up on several courses and credit hours after the student exchange to complete his studies at ITB, ultimately leading to graduation one year later. 

However, Adam also emphasized that one semester late in graduation is not a significant issue because everyone has their path. While everyone will graduate on time, only some have the opportunity to study in Japan. Adam also proved that the experience of studying abroad can provide invaluable additional value. Thus, despite challenges in academic planning, the opportunity to study in Japan can be an irreplaceable and valuable experience in personal and professional development.