Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program, Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), has received the grade of Unggul or Excellent accreditation (21/08/22). This accreditation achievement is valid for five years, from 21 August 2020 to 22 August 2027. This accreditation is issued by the Independent Accreditation Institute of Engineering (LAM Teknik) based on decree 0026/SK/LAM Teknik/AM/VIII/2022.  

During the preparation process for the accreditation, FMAE ITB formed the ad hoc team responsible for preparing all the required documents for the evaluation. There are nine main assessment criteria; 1) Vision, mission, goals, and strategies, 2) Governance, governance, and cooperation, 3) Student, 4) Human resources, 5) Finance, facilities, and infrastructure, 6) Education, 7) Research 8) Community service, 9) Outcomes and achievements of higher education (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi). The preparation process for the accreditation took three months, starting from the team making and data collecting to the evaluation process finished.  

The accreditation achievement reflects the credibility of the education quality standards, which can inform prospective students about the quality standards of the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program, FMAE ITB. We complement the students’ needs with the best education facility, starting with the research facilitation and roadmap for each research group and other educational services.  

Due to this achievement accreditation, Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Degree Program FMAE ITB commits to ensuring the high quality and integrity of academic activities so the graduates will have a competitive nature, high integrity, and ability to compete globally.  

All the academic ITB expresses their gratitude for the Excellent accreditation of the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Degree program FMAE ITB. This achievement is not the finish line of an accomplishment, but it is a driver to continue improving the quality of higher education institutions. 

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