Research at a glance

Similar to the other faculties in ITB, at the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) ITB, lecturers and teaching staffs participate as an important part of research activities. In general, research activities are divided into the three study programs, namely Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Materials Engineering. Specifically, the researches are also categorized under the Research Groups (Kekompok Keahlian/ KK). FMAE ITB has seven KK, namely:

1. Materials science and engineering

2. Mechanical design

3. Energy conversion

4. Mechanical production engineering

5. Flight physics

6. Aircraft design, operation, and maintenance

7. Lightweight structures

In more detail, the members and activities of each KK can refer to their websites. Undergraduate Final Project, Postgraduate Thesis and Dissertation of the students are generally also part of the research at each study program/ KK research. In particular, for the master program, currently, the three study programs at FMAE have their fast-track program. This program supports continuous research for students from the Undergraduate Final Projects to the Master Thesis. In addition, each KK is also assisted by research assistants who each year can be involved in one or more research titles in each KK.

FMAE ITB collaborates with government institutions, i.e., ministries, research institutes and state-owned enterprises in conducting research. International collaborations with foreign universities have often been carried out, i.e., with universities in Japan, Korea, UK. Along with the increasing cooperation with government agencies and foreign universities, research outputs such as scientific articles have also increased significantly. The graphic below shows the number of scientific articles published by the lecturers at FMAE ITB, included in the Scimago Journal Ranking (SJR). MS, MT and AE notations represent Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering study programs. Apart from the numbers shown here, the lecturers at FMAE ITB are also recorded as having publications in other journals, including conference proceedings nationally and internationally. Apart from scientific publications, research at FMAE also produces results such as patents, prototypes, and technologies used by the public. One of the technologies that have recently been developed by FMAE and applied in several hospitals is the N-95 Mask Sterilization Cabin using H2O2 Steam to help treat COVID-19 patients.