In order to conduct teaching and learning activities and research within the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) ITB. FMAE has provided exceptional services for complaints regarding facilities for academics from FTMD, both students and lecturers. The types of complaint services are as follows:

1. Sisfo

A service fixes the problems with the internet connection and the availability of multimedia tools.

2. Electrical damage

Electrical troubleshooting services include availability issues and/or power supply failures.

3. Mechanical problems

Service for mechanical problems includes damage from mechanical devices and machinery that can interfere with public comfort or academic activities.

4. Instrumentation problems

Instrumentation services fix the problems in the instrumentation section.

5. Utilities

Utility services fix the problems with the availability of public utilities such as irrigation, lighting, or signs/warnings that are needed.

6. Building problems

The building problem services fix problems related to the condition of the building and space within the scope of the FMAE.

What is the procedure for the services?

Academic staff can report problems to the administrator team through the contacts provided. The administrator will forward the report to the technician in charge who has been appointed to carry out inspections before taking action. If the maintenance action requires external assistance, the FMAE will take care of planning treatment procedures with outside parties.

Complaints about facility maintenance problems can be made through this contact

WhatsApp: 082119035134 (CHAT ONLY)