Bandung- In order to determine their future career path, students at the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) visit various industries to learn more about the working environment. Specifically, FMAE students take advantage of opportunities provided by the student association and alumni. The industrial visit was supported by FTMD ITB alumni in 1996. Among the many industries visited, students from the Mechanical Engineering Student Association (HMM) and the Aviation Engineering Student Union (KMPN) visited PT Nusantara Turbine and Propulsion (NTP) as one of the industrial visit destinations.

Through the program “M-enjajah Industri“, HMM visited PT NTP on September 22, 2023. Meanwhile, on 15 and 20 September, KMPN visited PT NTP under the work programme “KMPN Kepoin Korporat”. They visited NTP, which is located at Jln. Pajajaran, No.154, Bandung.

The opportunity for the FMAE students also came from the support of a 1996 FMAE alumni, Mr. Nicky Subianto, who assisted the FMAE students in the administrative process to be able to carry out the industrial visit. Mr. Nicky also welcomed and accompanied the group of FTMD students at PT NTP.

Upon arrival, the group was directed to a room to receive information regarding NTP’s company profile and health and safety protocols. Additionally, students were provided with details about current job and internship opportunities at NTP. Following the presentation, the FMAE student group was given a guided tour of the NTP facilities to observe the production process firsthand.

Students are invited to tour the plant to see and observe the existing components. To provide an overview of NTP’s activities, some component manufacturing processes were also demonstrated. Afterwards, the group was taken to the control room to see the test engine process. Under the control room, there is a Shaft Cell or Jet Cell which functions as a Test Engine. There are three places for Test Engine in the hangar, namely, Propeller and Helicopter.

With the theoretical and practical knowledge gained at PT NTP, FMAE students can learn the process of fieldwork practices, which aid them in applying theoretical concepts from the classroom. Additionally, they can enhance their understanding of the aircraft engine MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) industry.

The Industrial Visit Program has provided FMAE students with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of the industrial sector. The program is generously supported by alumni from 1996, which provides FMAE students with valuable career opportunities. The intention is for students to establish a sturdy foundation for future success through this program.