PRIMA ITB 2023 is an annual routine agenda showcasing research and community service results by the entire academic community of ITB. Organizing PRIMA ITB is to publicize ITB’s research and community service results to the general public. Another objective of this exhibition is to enhance and increase collaboration between ITB and other institutions.

PRIMA 2023 was held this year at the Aula Timur ITB, Aula Barat ITB, and Virtual LPPM Convention Center (VLCC). This event included exhibitions and talk shows with the themes “Creating Excellent Community Service at ITB through Synergy and Collaboration” and “Grasping the Future: Research Innovation for Industrial Sustainability.” The talk show sessions took place on the main stage at the Aula Timur, while the exhibition took place in both the Aula Timur and Aula Barat ITB.

Seven hundred works from 12 Faculties/Schools, 32 Centers/Research Centers/Science and Technology Excellence Centers, 3 Institutes (LPPM, LPIK, and LPIT), and Ditmawa were exhibited at this year’s PRIMA agenda. It covered various topics of research, innovation, and community service.

Among the various results of research, innovation, and community service exhibited by FTMD ITB, three research tools and one Student Community Service (PKM) in physical form were presented. In contrast, other research and community service results were presented in poster form. The four tools are “Firefighting Robot with Hydrant Hose Connector, Air Quality Sensor, Machine Learning, and Smart Vision,” “M15 Agricultural Drone,” “Nano Technology for High-Temperature Coating Application,” and “Surface Nanostructure Solutions for Harvesting Water from the Atmosphere.”

The “Firefighting Robot with Hydrant Hose Connector, Air Quality Sensor, Machine Learning, and Smart Vision” results from the Student Creativity Program (PKM) that assists firefighters in extinguishing fires. This robot is designed to withstand impact, maneuver, receive transmission signals, and detect fire automatically. The design of this robot is led by Dr.Eng. Ir. Firman Bagja Juangsa, S.T., M.Eng.

The “M15 Agricultural Drone” is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for agriculture with low drift spraying technology and an obstacle avoidance system to accelerate agricultural production and reduce negative environmental impacts. The electric-powered UAV was researched by the principal investigator, Dr.Ing. Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi. The research partner for this drone innovation is PT. Parametrik Solusi Integrasi.

The “Nano Technology for High-Temperature Coating Application” aims to reduce the adverse effects of co-firing in Steam Power Plants (PLTU). The co-firing effect increases corrosion levels due to higher corrosive content in biomass fuel. Although coating technology has been applied, studies show that using nanotechnology in high-temperature coating can improve corrosion and erosion resistance. Prof. Dr. Ir. Husaini Ardy leads this research.

Furthermore, the “Surface Nanostructure Solutions for Harvesting Water from the Atmosphere,” led by Poetro Lebdo Sambegoro, Ph.D., aims to create a 3 µm scale microscopic surface that can reduce dew adhesion forces on solid object surfaces. It transforms the hydrophilic surface properties into superhydrophobic and super-hydrophilic. The nanostructure on the superhydrophobic surface reduces contact between droplets due to the low surface energy properties at the nanostructure ends. It helps the heat transfer process, thus increasing condensation rates and clean water production from the atmosphere.

The research and community service results presented at PRIMA 2023 are dedicated to advancing science and technology. The designed research results from the dedication of the FTMD academic community, proving that FTMD ITB is committed to continuous innovation, research, and service to society for the nation’s progress.