FTMD ITB showcased a number of prestigious research and innovations at the ITB Jakarta Campus Open House, held at Graha Irama Building, 12th floor, Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday–Thursday (29-30/05/24). The research and innovations presented result from research and collaborations between FTMD and various industry partners.

The ITB Jakarta Open House, themed “Limitless Education: Empowering Change, Inspiring Futures,” aimed to connect ITB with prospective students and various partners in Jakarta.

During this event, ITB introduced research and studies from 12 faculties/schools at ITB. One highlight was the Center for Research and Innovation in Energy, Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainable Transportation (RIEM2TB), established by FTMD ITB and led by Satrio Wicaksono, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D.

RIEM2TB was formed to respond to the industry’s ever-evolving needs, with the expectation that the research and innovations produced can drive industrial growth and realize the potential of Industry 4.0.

In this event, FTMD through RIEM2TB showcased several research projects, innovations, and appropriate technologies specifically designed to meet industry needs.

Several research projects displayed included Biofuel Utilization in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), where FTMD’s role is to develop testing facilities for ICE in biofuel utilization. Other projects included:

  • The development of a lab-scale gas turbine test bench for Bioavtur development.
  • The development of Water Treatment Installations.
  • Various other studies.

Another research project highlighted was a collaboration with PT INKA. One member of the RIEM2TB community, also a researcher at FTMD ITB, Dr. Ir. Hermawan Judawisastra, M.Eng, together with PT INKA, developed a technological breakthrough with advanced material innovation in the form of 3D sandwich composite flooring for LRT floors. This innovation reduced the floor weight by up to one-third compared to previous technology. This product development innovation has also passed durability and fire tests by PT INKA standards.

Dr. Ir. Yazdi I. Jennie, one of the researchers and RIEM2TB members, showcased his research on Micro Drones used for indoor inspection systems.

Minicure (Small Reactor), The Cure: Circular Agriculture, a practical technology developed by Dr. Eng. Pandji Prawisudha, was also displayed at the Open House.

Other research and innovations showcased included various works from the Green Polymer Lab. The Green Polymer Lab, led by Dr. rer. nat. Mardiyati, from the Materials Science and Engineering Research Group, generates most of its innovations from local natural resources.

The first innovation presented was biomass briquettes from water hyacinth and cocoa shells. These briquettes utilize water hyacinth, a weed that disrupts ecosystems but has the advantage of low sulfur content, and cocoa shells, which are usually not processed and become waste. The resulting biomass briquettes demonstrated optimal performance with a composition of 25% water hyacinth and 75% cocoa shells.

Another innovation from the Green Polymer Lab was 3D printing filament based on Manau rattan. Following the growing trend of 3D printing across various industrial sectors, the Green Polymer Lab utilized Manau rattan, which is more environmentally friendly and addresses the challenge of processing rattan into relatively complex products.

Another research outcome presented was a lignin-based anti-corrosion coating derived from paper industry waste processing. This research addresses environmental issues in the paper industry.

Numerous visitors, including current and potential FTMD ITB partners, attended the FTMD ITB booth. The research, innovations, and community service efforts showcased by FTMD ITB at the ITB Jakarta Campus Open House demonstrated FTMD ITB’s commitment to produce beneficial research for domestic industrial growth and national advancement.