Bandung: The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FTMD) at ITB continues to support the International Mobility program by establishing close collaborations with over 30 partner universities worldwide. One student seizing this opportunity is Darian Soetanto, a 2020 Aerospace Engineering student who embarked on a semester of study at the University of Twente (UT).  

During a specific period, Darian enrolled in the courses “Cybersecurity and Cybercrime” in the first quarter and “Innovations in Sustainability” in the second quarter. He explained that his interest in sustainability and cybersecurity drove his choices. “These two courses are very different, but the University of Twente allows me to take both. Sustainability and cybersecurity are two topics that fascinate me, and I became interested in sustainability during my studies at FTMD,” expressed Darian.  

As the future heads towards sustainability, the challenges to maintain it will become increasingly urgent. Darian hopes to gain further insights and knowledge through these courses. On the other hand, as technology advances, the need for cybersecurity becomes unavoidable. Therefore, he took the cybersecurity course to understand cybersecurity practices and their implications, how they will affect society, and the steps that can be taken to reduce vulnerability on the internet and protect privacy.  

Even though his courses differed from his major in aerospace engineering at ITB, Darian emphasized that they are still relevant in the future. He gained insights from ethics in cybersecurity and cybercrimes to the design and implementation of regulations. In the cybersecurity course, students also had hands-on practice on how some cybercrimes are carried out and how to prevent them. In the sustainability course, the focus was on developing thinking and design practices to find sustainable solutions.  

One interesting task Darian undertook was assisting the local government in the Netherlands in identifying vulnerabilities on their website. Additionally, he chose a topic on Domestic Shipping in the Netherlands and explored rough design solutions to make it emission-free.  

Studying abroad also provides an opportunity to meet new people and make friends from various countries. Darian shared, “From here, we can share about our countries and exchange views on our differences. As a bonus, you can also relax with them and have fun. This helps me become more open to differences and changes, improving how I communicate and interact with different people while expanding my network.”  

Through his experience of studying abroad, Darian concluded that it is an extraordinary learning experience. Not only did he learn inside the classroom from professors, but he also learned how to grow as an individual and face new situations and challenges that may never have been considered before. Adapting and learning about the environment, whether the climate or food, was intriguing for Darian. However, meeting new people and making friends worldwide was a fascinating experience for him.  

As Darian Soetanto witnessed, the study abroad experience brings various benefits and learnings that are not only related to academics but also to personal development, shaping a more global vision, and expanding the horizons of Indonesian students on the international stage.