Bandung- On Monday, October 2, 2023, several students of the Faculty of Aerospace Mechanical Engineering (FMAE) had the opportunity to get closer the world of the aerospace industry, in the program of the Organization Aviation Engineering Student Family (KMPN ITB) from the career preparation division called “KMPN Kepoin Korporat”. The visit was facilitated by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI), located on Jalan Pajajaran Bandung. The purpose of this industrial visit is to provide students with in-depth insight into the aerospace industry, as well as seeing how the material they learn in lectures is related to the real industrial world.

One of the Aerospace Engineering alumni from 2000, Sezsy Yuniorrita Yusuf, assisted in the process and mechanism of the visit. With her dedication, the Aerospace Engineering students were able to make a memorable and in-depth visit to PT DI’s facilities. PT DI  is actively involved in the aircraft design and development sector, aircraft structure manufacturing, aircraft production and aircraft services for civil and military of light and medium aircraft.

During this visit, the Aerospace Engineering students had the opportunity to see the various stages of aircraft structure manufacturing, from the design to the final production process. They were also taken on a tour of the production facilities and explained the processes by industry experts.

Aerospace Engineering students also had the opportunity to discuss with experienced engineers working at PT DI. They discussed the latest challenges and innovations in the aerospace industry.

Ending the visit, aerospace engineering students gave a present in the form of a plaque to PT Dirgantara Indonesia. Students and PT DI expressed hopes for future collaborations that can utilize the potential of academia and industry.

This industrial visit is expected to help students link the theory learned in class with its application in the real world. And it is also hoped that with this visit students can continue to be motivated and ready to face the challenges of the industry that exist in the future.