Bandung: The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) received a visit from the former Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources in President Joko Widodo’s Working Cabinet, Ir. Arcandra Tahar, M.Sc., Ph.D. On November 22, 2023, Ir. Arcandra had the opportunity to deliver a lecture to students at the East CC Auditorium during the Book Discussion event on “Public Interest in the Energy Sector.” This event also served as a session for sharing experiences with FMAE students, where Ir. Arcandra shared insights from his academic pursuits and over 20 years of work in the United States oil and gas industry.

Ir. Arcandra is an alumna of the Mechanical Engineering program at FMAE ITB, graduating in the class of 1989. His career journey commenced as a financial consultant in Jakarta before securing a scholarship to pursue studies in ocean engineering at Texas A&M University of America. Over nearly two decades, he has navigated the professional landscape in the United States, Ir. Arcandra has succeeded, having served as the President of Petroneering in Houston. This company focuses on developing technology, engineering, and design with Ir. Arcandra specializes in offshore refineries. Recognized for his outstanding achievements in oil and gas energy, Ir. Arcandra shared his wealth of experience with FTMD students during the Energy Discourse and Book Analysis event on “Public Interest in the Energy Sector.”

The book, released on July 5, 2023, delves into the issues surrounding energy in Indonesia and the global context. Titled “Public Interest in the Energy Sector,” this compilation comprises ideas and writings by Ir. Arcandra, which were disseminated through his personal social media accounts. The book comprises seven sections: Management of the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector, Management of the Downstream Oil and Gas Sector, Technological Development and Human Resources in the Energy Sector, Business and Energy Commerce, Global Energy Management, as well as Batteries, Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, and World Strategies Post-COVID-19. Ir. Arcandra also asserted that the various writings contained in his book manifest his dedication as the former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) for the 2016 period and Deputy Minister of ESDM from 2016 to 2019.

Following the book discussion session, the event proceeded with M. Syamsa Ramadan as the moderator, guiding the talk show segment. The talk show unfolded with heightened intensity, considering the increasingly pivotal global energy issues. During this session, Ir. Arcandra conveyed an unconventional message to the audience: “Worldwide, oil and natural gas will not be depleted because there is no cutting-edge technology yet to explore all resources.” Ir. Arcandra also asserted that only 30% of crude oil has been newly discovered, with the remaining untapped, while natural gas has already seen a 50% exploration rate.

Subsequently, the session continued with a question-and-answer segment, during which the audience actively participated by posing inquiries regarding the current pressing issues in the energy sector. Following the conclusion of the Q&A session, Ir. Arcandra presented souvenirs to the audience members who actively engaged in questioning. Fortunate attendees received a personally signed copy of the book “Public Interest in the Energy Sector” by the author himself, Ir. Arcandra Tahar. The Energy Discourse and Book Analysis event concluded with the presentation of a plaque by the Mechanical Engineering Student Association (HMM) to Ir. Arcandra Tahar, followed by a group photograph.